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Anaiya Moore

Student. Community Advocate. Home Cook. Lover of Food & Family.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! It has been in the works for over a year and I am excited to share with you all quality content from a sweet space in my heart and a portion of my greatest passion: food and family.

I am a Senior at Coastal Carolina University majoring in Business Management with a minor in Hospitality, Resort, and Tourism Management from Columbia, SC. With this background, there is often the assumption that my career goal is to become a chef and own a restaurant — eventually, after retirement that is the plan. However, I will be continuing my education to pursue a career as a Public Servant.

My love for food began as a four-year-old watching Food Network, with the 10 year-goal of becoming a Chef. Once I got to high school, I was fortunate to learn under Chef Thomas Sedio in the Blythewood High School Culinary Arts Program. I was able to accomplish many feats through his teaching and guidance, including my participation in a month-long culinary internship experience in Australia and winning Fourth Place in a state competition.

Eventually, I was exposed to community action organizations and programs that influenced my decision to change my career goals but my love for food remains. Sobremesa is my way of expressing myself through food and building lasting relationships through every meal. I hope that through this blog you all get to know me and find recipes that you all like to make for your family and friends as much as I do.

Much Love. Much Gratitude. Bone Apple Teeth (lol, IYKYK).

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