The Harambe Special

Collard Greens, Cabbage, Beef Tips, Injera, Lentils, & Chicken

Ya’ll. This was a long-awaited restaurant visit. I went to this restaurant three times before I was able to actually have a meal. The first time, they were undergoing some updates. The second time they were closed, and the third time, I showed up early (clearly, I was eager). As you can imagine, I was clearly disappointed after having my mind set on specific food. But…..they say three times the charm and the wait was well worth it.

Harambe is the ONLY African restaurant in the entire city of Columbia, SC. I have desperately been wanting to try African cuisine and this was my only chance (now you can see why I was so eager). Located on 2006 Senate St. in the Five Points area, Harambe is a small restaurant with a small but mighty female owner. When you arrive, you may not expect much, but the service is phenomenal, the food is great, and you leave having an experience and gaining education about the culture.

My mom and I ordered the Harambe Special, Samosas, and some Ethiopian Coffee. Let me just say, they give PLENTY of food. If you’re going by yourself keep that in mind. The special has various stewed meats, cabbage, collard greens, and lentils served over Injera (Ethiopian style bread that resembles a thin pancake). We shared the meal and we ate with our hands, as Ethiopians do.

The finale was the coffee! The owner of Harambe started toasting the beans in the kitchen, and as part of the experience, she brought the steaming hot pan of beans in the dining room for all of us to smell. Finally, she brings the coffee out in a lovely decorated Ethiopian pot with cute plates and tea-like cups. Usually, they do not use cream, so we drank our coffee dark with a little bit of sugar. We sat, we drank, we talked and relaxed.

If you’re looking for a restaurant that provides an experience and food that you’re not used to, this is the place to go! I am definitely going back. I already know what I’m ordering next 😂☺️.

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